Incoming Graduate Students

We love our new additions to the AOS Department and this is our biggest incoming class so far! Welcome to the incoming graduate students of 2018!

Todd Emmenegger

Todd comes to the AOS department from the University of Georgia where he studied mathematics. Before coming to UCLA he was an optical engineer at the Small Satellite Research Lab at U. Georgia. His current research interests include GFD, nonlinear dynamics, and extreme weather. He is under the advisement of Rong Fu, Gang Chen, and David Neelin.
Gavin Dayanga

Gavin has joined our department from JPL where he was a team member working on the Precipitation Measurement Missions project of the Terrestrial Hydrology Group. His current research interests include Indian Monsoon Rainfall- Eurasian Snow Cover teleconnections, and the atmospheric and oceanic couplings on river discharge under the advisement of Alex Hall and Rong Fu.
Santiago Giraldo Cárdenas

Santiago comes to UCLA from the Universidad de Antioquia, where he earned his bachelors and masters in environmental engineering. His previous work focused on easterly waves over northern South America relating to precipitation and dust transport. His current advisor at UCLA is Rong Fu.
Calvin Howes

Calvin is currently working under the advisement of Pablo Saide on air quality modeling and boundary layer atmospheric dynamics. He comes to UCLA after working at Epic Systems. Previously, Calvin earned his bachelors in Engineering-Physics from the University of CO-Boulder, along with a math minor.
Danny Leung

Danny previously earned his BS and MPhil from the Chinese University of Hong Kong in Earth and Atmospheric Science. His previous work focuses on correlations between climatology and observational measurements of PM 2.5 over China. His current work focuses on turbulent mixing of the planetary boundary layer with Jasper Kok and Marcelo Chamecki
Bessie Liu

Bessie has joined the dark side at UCLA, coming to our department from UC Berkeley where she studied Environmental Sciences and Geography. Her current Research is in modeling Precipitation in the Congo Region under the advisement of Rong Fu.
Zoe Pierrat

Zoe comes to UCLA from Colorado College, where she graduated with degrees in physics and environmental sciences. Her current project focuses on remote sensing to study solar induced chlorophyll fluorescence under the advisement of Jochen Stutz.
De’Marcus Robinson

Marcus has joined our department from Florida A&M where he graduated with a degree in Environmental Science. His current research focuses on sedimentary microbes in the ocean with an emphasis on sulfur reduction in the California Bight. His current advisor is Tina Truede.
Clara Si

Clara comes to UCLA from Peking University where she had a successful undergraduate career studying tides on exoplanets. She earned her degree in Physics and has now turned to studying tides on Earth. Her current research project studies the tidal effects on circumpolar variability and exchanges across the antarctic slope front under the advisement of Andrew Stewart.
Logan Simpson

Logan comes to UCLA from Portland University where he earned a degree in Environmental Sciences. Previously he worked on studying the dispersion of nuisance odors over various topographies, and has an interest in continuing his work to study air pollution with an emphasis on biomass burning.
Jiaqi Shen

Jiaqi has been at UCLA since the summer 2017 as a CSST student under Suzanne Paulson. She continues her work under Suzanne studying atmospheric chemistry and air pollution. Previously, she earned her degree in Atmospheric Science from Zhejiang University.
Wufan Zhang
Wufan is currently working under the advisement of Yongkang Xue with research projects in Land-Atmosphere interactions and ENSO. Previously, she earned his undergraduate degree at Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology, and a masters at Peking University.