Current Board (2019-2020)

President: Daniel Clements

Vice President: Zoe Pierrat

Treasurer: Weiming Ma

Operations Officer & Website Administrator: Santiago Giraldo Cardenas

Student-Faculty Representative: Calvin Howes

Student Recruitment Chairs: Todd Emmenegger – Logan Simpson – De’Marcus

Outreach Chairs: Alex Arnold & Ilian Decorte

Seminar Chair: Gavin

Media Director: Paige Hoel – Laura Thapa

Roles of XEP Board

President: Overall leadership of XEP belongs to the president, and as such, the majority of responsibility for the health of the organization rests upon this position. The primary responsibility of the president is ensuring the existence and well being of XEP by registration of the club, maintaining communication with Department faculty and staff, and chairing meetings. The president is also the leader of the XEP Executive Board, comprised of all elected officials, and as such must maintain a healthy environment for interaction between Executive Board members and assist others in their duties when asked.

Vice-President: It is the duty of the vice president of XEP to maintain the social aspect of the organization, and is thus a signatory and member of the XEP Executive Board. Thus, the vice president should orchestrate all planning and execution of all social events. Any necessary paperwork or permissions need to be completed by the vice president, including financial responsibilities for events, and should be reviewed by the president and treasurer. The vice president needs to keep frequent correspondence with both the president and treasurer to remain apprised of fiscal implications of upcoming events.

Treasurer: The most important duties for treasurer of XEP are taking care of all financial transaction and finding available funding for XEP events. In addition, treasurer is also the department GSAR (Graduate Student Association Representative) and must attend all the meetings held by GSA Math and Physical Science Council. As the treasurer is responsible for the financial health of XEP, s/he should be a club signatory

Operations Officer: The operations officer is responsible for maintaining and adding to the records of XEP. Thus, the operations officer is responsible for taking notes during general XEP meetings and sending out the meeting summary by email. The operations officer is often the one with the most direct access to the records, and as such will often be in the right position to bring up things at meetings that the other officers may have overlooked, and remind people about upcoming requirements or deadlines.

Student – Faculty Representative: The Student – Faculty Representative is a member of the XEP Executive Board and is the primary liaison between the general student body and the AOS department faculty. It is the responsibility of the Student – Faculty Representative to contact the Department Manager to be aware of faculty meetings and attend said meetings. The Student – Faculty Representative may be restricted from attending portions or all of said meetings.

Student Recruitment Chair: The Recruitment Chair is a member of the XEP Executive Board and has main duties that fall in late February and March when prospective students visit the UCLA campus to aid in the decision to join the UCLA AOS Department.

Media Director : The director of media for XEP is primarily responsible for maintaining the social media interactions for XEP. This includes giving important announcements to the public and highlighting graduate student research.