Coding and data analysis repository

This is the home page for a student-created project that collects resources on coding and data analysis specific to the atmospheric and oceanic sciences.  The primary focus is on open source languages (primarily Python) and analytical tools common in AOS (NCL, NCO, NetCDF).

We will be developing the resources and posting them here in June 2015.  We plan to begin with a basic introduction to UNIX/LINUX and the most useful tools in the terminal shell.  We will move into simple coding in Python, NetCDF files manipulation, and using the Numpy/Scipy libraries to do some basic and advanced statistics on example data sets.

For some of the most useful resources in data analysis and statistics that can be found online, see Baird’s favorites.  If you have other suggestions for this list, please let us know!

Below you can find links to the first week’s slides, as well as a small list of helpful resources.

Resources for data analysis and coding in AOS